Geometry Ogilvy Japan Wins VR Marketing of the Year.



Geometry Ogilvy Japan Wins VR Marketing of the Year.

The VR Awards, the international awards recognizing ground-breaking projects that redefine the immersive world and the way we interact with technology, announced the winner of The 5th International VR Awards and Geometry Ogilvy Japan won the prestigious VR Marketing of the Year award.

Geometry Ogilvy Japan has been named as the winner for their work for client KDDI, entitled, “Virtual Shibuya au 5G Halloween Fes”. VR Marketing of the Year recognizes marketing campaigns that integrate Virtual Reality within projects with a particular focus on the originality and creativity behind each marketing campaign. “Virtual Shibuya au 5G Halloween Fes” was also shortlisted in the VR Social Impact Award category.

Doug Schiff, Chief Creative Officer of Geometry Ogilvy Japan said, “It’s great to be recognized for ground-breaking work in the virtual space on an international stage. The team is honored to produce the kind of work that wins in such a prestigious show as the VR Awards.”

“Virtual Shibuya au 5G Halloween Fes” has been recognized in other various international awards, including Spikes Asia 2021, The Drum Digital Industries Awards and The Immortal Awards.

The VR Awards judging panel is made up of industry-leading creatives from various sectors of VR, from academics, journalists, and creative directors to founders and C-Suite executives, with the panelists judging categories within specific areas of expertise to ensure the highest-possible quality judges.

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