Koki Yuyama


Why do you love working at VOJ?
Because we have good clients and good teams.

Tell us about the culture at VOJ.
We have a culture where anyone can take a leadership role, regardless of your job position. I also like our borderless culture among the creative, account, social and strategy teams.

What is it you love about working in such a creative place?
I feel so rewarded when our creative work, that we’ve discussed for so long, is finally launched globally and we receive great feedback from our audiences. I think this is a unique feature of working in a creative agency.

Tell us about the people you work with. What are they like?
I’m currently working closely with multiple colleagues from 7 to 8 countries; a team with very different backgrounds and experiences. They are always friendly and open to discuss anything. When things return to normal, I hope to go out for drinks after work with them again.

What is the last campaign you worked on that you are really proud of, and why?
Our Red Bull Gaming Campaign in 2019, which was a holistic, 360 approach to communicating with gaming audiences to boost global eSports events in Japan. It was a great marketing experience for me to lead from A to Z, covering social/digital, in-store sales, TVCM, OOH, influencer tie-ups and event onsite activations, resulting in the high engagement of target audiences and generating big social buzz.

How do you feel you have grown so far at VOJ?
Working closely with the team, I’ve learned a lot; not only from my line managers, but also from the creative and social teams. At VOJ, we get 360 feedback from the entire team so we can keep improving.

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