Geometry Ogilvy Japan wins a Bronze at 2023 ONE SHOW.



Geometry Ogilvy Japan wins a Bronze at 2023 ONE SHOW.

ONE SHOW is the world’s most prestigious award program in advertising, design and digital marketing.
This year, The One Club for Creativity is celebrating The One Show’s first 50 years of honoring global creative excellence.
The One Show’s 50-year milestone celebrates what has made this award the industry’s most relevant, prestigious and meaningful program: a celebration of the best in the industry, honoring our legacy with a forward-thinking, leading-edge lens.
“SOUND TOUR” won the prestigious pencil, along with 5 merits, “Milk Manga” got 4 more.

Sound Tour
DESIGN: Out of Home – Series BRONZE
OUT OF HOME: Brand Installations MERIT
OUT OF HOME: Craft – Art Direction MERIT
DESIGN: Out of Home – Brand Installations Spotify MERIT
DESIGN: Spatial Design – Experiential & Immersive MERIT
DESIGN: Craft – Art Direction MERIT
Client: Spotify Japan

Milk Manga
DESIGN: Packaging – Specialty MERIT
Experiential & Immersive – Craft – Storytelling MERIT
Health & Wellness – Design – Packaging MERIT
Out of Home – Craft – Printing & Production MERIT

The complete full shortlist for 2023 ONE SHOW is available here.

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